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IRA Staff


Margaret A. Miller
Director (IRA)

Alexa Favata
Deputy Director (IRA)

Randall West
Deputy Director, Business Operations & Strategic Planning (IRA)


Robert Aiosa
Research Associate / Sculpture Fabricator (GS)

Amy Allison
Program Coordinator (CAM)

Shannon Annis
Exhibitions Manager / Registrar (CAM)

Madeline Baker
New Media Assistant / Graphic Designer (CAM)

Tim Baker
Research Associate / Printer (GS)

Dolores Coe
Curator, Art in Health Program (CAM)

Alyssa Cordero
Events Coordinator (CAM)

Kristin DuFrain
Curator / Registrar (GS)

Ian Foe
Preparator (CAM)

Peter Foe
Curator of the Collection (CAM)

Mark Fredricks
Communications Specialist (GS)

Don Fuller
New Media Curator (IRA)

Sarah Howard
Curator of Public Art and Social Practice / Research Associate (IRA)

Eric Jonas
Collection Assistant (CAM)

Vincent Kral
Chief Preparator (CAM)

William Lytch
Photographer / Printer / Research Associate (GS)

Anthony Wong Palms
Exhibitions Coordinator / Designer (CAM)

Tom Pruitt
Master Printer / Studio Manager (GS)

Noel Smith
Curator of Latin American and Caribbean Art / Curator of Education / Director of Museum Studies Graduate Certificate (IRA)

Kristin Soderqvist
Director of Sales and Marketing (IRA)

Matt Squires
Production Associate / Digital Specialist / Printer (GS)

David Waterman
Chief of Security (CAM)

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