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Jürgen Partenheimer: Songs and Other Lies

May 8 – July 24, 1998
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Jürgen Partenheimer is a contemporary German artist known for his prints, paintings, sculptures, and writings on art. He can be placed in the tradition of Klee and Brancusi. A consummate draftsman, Partenheimer works with lines and linear relationships, combining romantic idealism and cool calculation to produce works which are fragile yet forceful.

"The image is not the result of an analytical thought process," writes Partenheimer, "It is the result of a synthesis. The thought and image are one: the image is the simultaneous expression of thought."

For the USF Contemporary Art Museum, the artist will design an installation incorporating his drawings and watercolors from the Cantos series.

Partenheimer: "The theme of the paintings and works on paper Cantos refers to the notion of chants in the tradition of songs and lyrics as our common cross cultural source of artistic expression that implies the history of myths and legend as much as its contemporary interpretation of idea and text as imagery and artistic vision."

Jürgen Partenheimer was born in Munich, Germany in 1947. He studied art in Germany, France, Mexico, and the United States. He has an M.F.A. from the University of Arizona, Tucson, and a Ph.D. in Art History, Philosophy, and History from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Jürgen Partenheimer has created many works with Graphicstudio. View his artist page here

Jürgen Partenheimer, Carmen II, 1996. Oil on silk.

Jürgen Partenheimer, Carmen V, 1996. Oil on silk.

Jürgen Partenheimer, Narrow Gates (Frankfurt), 1993. Watercolor on paper.