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Freeze Frame

August 24 – October 3, 1998
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Freeze Frame features the work of 17 artists from Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Haiti, Venezuela and the United States. Grita Insam has selected these works from cinema, theater, and experimental crossovers to show the formal relations and contents of various art media to film. Selected by Viennese Curator Grita Insam, the works are based on classical cinema of various epochs, as well as experimental and documentary film. The resulting exhibit includes film stills, sequences of photographs, video installations, paintings, storyboard illustrations and related objects, all dealing with film. No participant was asked to produce work adjusted to the subject and title, meaning that all works which are included in Freeze Frame were already realized and then selected as appropriate. The participating artists are Uli Aigner, John Baldessari, Silvie & Cherif Defraoui, Manfred Erjautz, IRWIN, Werner Kaligofsky, Sigrid Kurz, Robert Longo, Katarina Matiasek, Becky Mayer, Allan McCollum, Stephan Prina, Peter Sandbichler/Drehli Robnik, Ruth Schnell, Herve Telemaque, Martin Walde and Peter Weibel.

Freeze Frame installation shot

Freeze Frame installation shot