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23rd Annual Juried Student Exhibition

March 19 – April 17, 1999
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Art exists beyond artists. At any moment, on any day somewhere an artist creates something that connects to it, and makes art. Making something that is art isn't easy and it doesn't happen that often but it's the job...the mission.

The ratio of failure to success is enough to make any sane person look somewhere else for satisfaction. The choice to search, take on the work, is courageous and costly but the reward is worth it. I've been searching and working for more than half my life now and I welcome all and any who venture out onto the frontier.

So what was I looking for among the objects and ideas left by my fellow travelers?

I came looking for art. Something that went beyond the expected talent, craft and skill, something that transmitted creativity, vision and energy. The pieces I chose called out very clearly that they had these three vital components.

At that moment on that day there was some very good art.



Enee Abelmann
Barbie Celebrates Her Birthday as a Real Girl

mixed media
$100 Fine Art Forum Mixed Media Award

Erica Ares
Childhood and Untitled

photos/kool aid packets
Alumni Kick-Ass Materials Award

Lisa Barden

mixed media
$50 Nuance Gallery Materials Award

Ceasar Carbajal
No Title as of Yet

oil on canvas
$100 Fine Art Forum Painting Award

Wendy Dickinson
Funeral for Rosa Lee

relief print,
$50 Frame by Frame Materials Award

Rachael Gavronsky
After the Bath, After Degas

paint/pastel on canvas
$100 Lee and Victor Leavengood Award

Jason Irwin
Weapon - 99

$150 Graphicstudio/Sculpture Award

Berta Leone
Chris Warren's Continuum

mixed media
$500 CADRE Award

Kalup Linzy
I Don't Want To Go

$100 Fine Art Forum Film/Video Award

Carol Loeffler
Measureless Occupations of Space

$350 Art Department Faculty/Staff Award

B. MacElhose

inkjet print
$100 USF CAM Award

Katherine Manger
Do You Know What's Real?

silver gelatin prints
$100 Fine Art Forum/Photography Award

Judy Patterson
The Seasons of my Life

$500 James Rosenquist Award

Amber Quimby & Sarah Howard
Untitled (pillows)

paladium print on paper/mixed
$150 Graphicstudio/Printmaking Award

Peg Trezevant

acrylic on wood
$1000 Best of Show Award Dali Museum, St. Petersburg

Nan Wilson
Tissue Match

$250 Jeanne Winter Award


Ann Jeffrey
$150 Fine Art Forum Award

Kristen Welsh
$100 CADRE Award