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27th Annual Juried USF Exhibition




April 5 – May 5, 2003

About the Juror: Elyse Goldberg

In 1982, after studying art and traveling, Elyse Goldberg moved to New York. She has continuously worked in galleries since 1985, and in 1988 became Director of the John Weber Gallery. A selection of shows she curated include: Land/Scape; Drawings by Sculptors, Entropy: Robert Smithson and Loca Buvoli. The Estate of Robert Smithson was represented by the Weber Gallery, and due to her great interest in his work, it became her area of expertise.

After leaving the Weber Gallery in 1997, Goldberg spent time as an independent curator (Story at A.C. Projects Space; 25th Anniversary Exhibition of P.S. 122, with catalogue). She also formed a business, Projects One, which developed projects for artists as well as worked with a group of collectors with whom she organized visits to artists’ studios and galleries. The mission of Projects One was to educate and, hopefully, place works; but the emphasis was on education.

Simultaneously, she was also working as co-producer with Good Machine of a feature length independent film, directed by Bette Gordon, titled “Luminous Motion”, that was based on the novel by Scott Bradfield. This film was accepted into the Toronto Film Festival, the Locarno Film Festival and the Munich Film Festival. It then had a commercial run in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

In 1999, the Estate of Robert Smithson was looking for new management and gallery representation. James Cohan Gallery formally became the representative of the Estate and Goldberg was hired to handle the management. In 2001, she advanced to Director of the James Cohan Gallery, and among some of the group shows she has since curated are The Big Id, Painting Matter, Mapping Dislocations: Robert Smithson and Air, as well as two solo shows by Robert Smithson titled Mapping Dislocations and LANGUAGE TO BE LOOKED AT AND/OR THINGS TO BE READ- DRAWINGS 1962-63.

In addition to continuing as Director of the James Cohan Gallery, she is also currently working on a new film titled “What’s a Girl Gotta Do”, presently in pre-production.

Accepted Artists, Works

1. ABEL, Chad, untitled. oil, acrylic on panel – School of Art & Art History Faculty/Staff Award - $300
2. ABEL, Chad, untitled. oil, acrylic on panel
3. BELFORT, Reginald, Across the Horizon. acrylic on canvas
4. BREWER, Stephanie, untitled. lightjet photos – CADRE Award (Anonymous Gift) - $250
5. CATRON, Li Hung L., untitled. ceramic
6. COLLOM, Mesha Reynolds, untitled (self-portrait). c-print
7. CROCKETT, Jaisen, Coffee & Smoke Break. photograph – Citigroup Merit Award - $100
8. CROCKETT, Jaisen, Popular Selections from the Hedonistic Philosophy of Gandy Beach. photograph
9. DEL CAMPO, Hector, Con Sabor. mixed media on canvas
10. DELGADO, Ana Maria, Bailando. digital c-print
11. DeARRIBA-MONTGOMERY, Julia, Migration Patterns. video installation – Institute for Research in Art/USF CAM Award - $100
12. DESPRES, Douglas, Contact. digital lightjet print – Citigroup Merit Award - $100
13. DORSEY, Marie Yoho, Section of a Perfect Memory. mixed media – CADRE Award - $250
14. ELSASSER, Leslie, Alice’s Orphans: #9 & #11. silkscreen – Judith K. Patterson Graduate Student Award - $100
15. FINK, Merri Rose, Nurture. oil on canvas
16. FREY, Danielle, Preparing for Loss. photograph
17. GALLAHER, Peggy, Vanishing Species. lino print on handmade paper – Citigroup Merit Award - $100
18. GUEST, Matthew, Father, Son & Holy Ghost. acrylic on canvas – Dali Museum Best of Show Award - $750
19. GUEST, Matthew, Autoerotic Resurrection. mixed media
20. GULIZIO, David, Home is where the Hate is. woodcut print – Special Merit Award (Anonymous Gift) - $100
21. HALL, Barron, M.O.D.. wood, metal – The Daisy Koenig Memorial Award - $150
22. HERRERA, Cosme, Codex #29. acrylic on wood – Citigroup Merit Award - $100
23. HOFFMAN, Rachel, Chant d'amour. oil on panel
24. HUDSPETH, C. S., Philosophy with a Hammer. mixed media
25. JIMENEZ, Carla, Naked Identity. digital print, mirror
26. JOHNSON, Maria, untitled. acrylic on canvas
27. KILROY, Arielle, Twins. photograph
28. KRUSZKA, Ethan, SS Friso. mixed media – James Rosenquist Materials Award - $500
29. LI LI, The Door. ceramic
30. LINZY, Kalup Donte, Ride to Da Club. video
31. MAPLE, John, Her. oil on wood
32. McGRANE, John, Miss Dopplegangster. epoxy, rubber, puffed rice, glitter, fungi – Ann McKeel Ross Award - $100
33. MITCHELL, Meghan, Working Girl. graphite on paper
34. MOGOLLON, Laura, Cells. silkscreen
35. POTH, Gelaina, Self Portrait. oil on canvas – Judith K. Patterson Award - $100
36. PULSIPHER, Shawn, Heidi. silver gelatin print
37. RAU, Dave, Self Portrait. inkjet print – Frame by Frame Gallery - $50 Gift Certificate
38. REPKA, Kate, Short Hair. oil on canvas
39. RODRIGUEZ, Mary, untitled. digital photo, inkjet
40. RODRIGUEZ, Mary, untitled. digital photo, lightjet
41. RUNGE, Mark, Homage to Grandma, the Hooker of East Pepperell. mixed media
42. SCHERMERHORN, Jasmine, 5 Days, 5 nights. photograph – Citigroup Merit Award - $100
43. SCHUMAN, Michael, Industrial Nightmare. steel – Sara & David Scher Sculpture Award - $200
44. SOUZA, Bethany, untitled. silver gelatin print – TIAA-CREF Student Award - $250
45. SPENCER, Kate, A Girl’s Dilemma. digital photo, silkscreen – Institute for Research in Art/Graphicstudio Award - $200
46. STRINGFELLOW, David, Inside the Box: Bombing Run with Slow Jazz Bass. video, archival 8mm Korean War footage
47. VASQUEZ, Britzel, Red Series #4. digital print – Ferman Motor Car Photography Award - $500
48. VILLANUEVA, Gina, Anig. digital c-print – Special Merit Award (Anonymous Gift) - $100
49. VREELAND, Jeffrey, Who’s Your Idol?. mixed media on canvas
50. WALKER, Melissa, Ferrell Hair. acrylic on paper
51. WARNER, Tim, Excuse Me Sir, You Seem to be Glowing. mixed media on wood
52. WILLIAMS, Lynne, Save your Figure. mixed media

Art History Papers

1. BOISCLAIR, Anita, Challenging Notions of Femininity: The Pre- Revolutionary Portraits of Madam Vigee-Lebrun. art history paper – Institute for Research in Art/Art History Award - $50