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31st Annual Juried
USF Student Art Exhibition

Awards and Opening Reception:
USF CAM: Friday, March 23, 7pm

School of Art & Art History, March 23, 8:30pm-11:00pm

Student Show


Juror: Edouard Duval-Carrié
Haiti, born 1954; lives and works in Miami, FL

Exiled Haitian painter and sculptor Duval-Carrié draws upon the complexities of French heritage in post-Duvalier Haiti. Recent works explore the migration of not only the Haitians leaving Haiti, but the voodoo gods leaving as well. His personalized deities are a blend of transplanted West African religious lore and 18th century French Rococo, employing tropical colors and modern day stories of corruption and displacement. His pictorial language is based on the fantastic images created by his predecessors: the painters so-called “primitive” due to their freedom of expression and “naïve” due to their straight-forwardness.

Duval-Carrié received his B.A. at the University of Loyola Montreal, Quebec, Canada (1978) and furthered his formal training at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, France (1988-1989). He is represented by Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, FL and has exhibited within the United States and internationally: Miami Museum of Art, Miami, Florida (2000); Halle St. Pierre, Paris, France (2000); Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona (2002); Arcuate Galeria, Mexico (2003); Musee National d’Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2004); Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2004); and Figge Museum of Art, Davenport, Iowa (2006)

Museum Director's Statement

The annual USF Juried Student Art Exhibition offers emerging artists the opportunity to have their work reviewed by an artist, curator or museum professional working outside of the University and to see it presented in a museum environment.

The University and Tampa Bay community can view the work of our undergraduate and graduate students nurtured by the faculty of the School of Art and Art History. Edouard Duval-Carrié has been invited to serve as the juror this year. He is a painter living and working in Miami and is known for combining African fables, classic mythology, Haitian and world history with contemporary events. He will select the exhibition from over 160 artworks submitted by the students and designate the awards.

Over the past 31 years we have been fortunate to have our students’ artwork reviewed by many distinguished jurors, including: Marcia Tucker, Roberta Smith, The Guerilla Girls, The Art Guys, Jerry Saltz, Elyse Goldberg, Allan McCollum and Robert Stackhouse.

I extend my appreciation and thanks to Edouard for traveling to Tampa and for his thoughtful evaluation of our students work as he selected the works for the exhibition and awards. Thanks to the Contemporary Art Museum staff, for once again organizing the student show: Alexa Favata, Victoria Billig, Don Fuller, Peter Foe, David Waterman, Randy West, Shannon Annis, David Reutter, and intern Jonathan Karellas. Tony Palms and his staff — James Rodger, Amber Cobb, Denton Crawford and Jordan Starr-Bochicchio designed and installed the exhibition and coordinated the entries and assisted the juror. Lesley Brousseau is recognized for making the arrangements for the reception and related events. In addition, I thank the staff at Graphicstudio including: Kristin Soderqvist, Noel Smith and Nicki Kruszka, for assisting Edouard Duval-Carrié with his lecture.

Each year, a group of loyal friends from the community along with the faculty and staff of the School of Art and Art History, and Graphicstudio, join the museum in recognizing the outstanding quality of our art students by contributing monetary awards. We are very appreciative of this support, as it adds to the vitality and excitement of the exhibition. Please note the names of the generous contributors listed in this brochure.

Congratulations to all the artists in the exhibition and to the award recipients.

Margaret Miller
Director, Institute for Research in Art
Professor of Art


CONGRATULATIONS to the students included in the 31st Annual USF Student Art Exhibition. I know that the faculty joins me in sharing in this celebration. Through your imagination and critical thinking, you bring a unique vision and contribution to research in the visual arts at the University.

The arts have been instrumental in the maturation of the University and, indeed, the entire Tampa Bay region. The Student Exhibition features many artists who are the future cultural leaders of the community – and beyond. Increasingly, our students are becoming active artists in cities across the US.

Thanks to all of the staff members of the Museum as well as the students who have worked on this exhibition. Also thanks to the faculty, institutions, and private citizens who have provided support and awards for our students and this exhibition. Your belief in our mission is gratifying.

A very special thanks to the juror this year, Edouard Duval-Carrie, who thoroughly reviewed the submitted artworks, met with our students and provided an insightful lecture.

I am always struck by how fortunate we all are to be so thoroughly engaged in the best of both worlds: learning and art. We welcome the community to our annual celebration. Enjoy!

Wallace Wilson
USF School of Art and Art History


1. ADAMS, Kimberly, Deconstructed Eohippus, oil on canvas

2. ANGELOCCI, Lacey, Angst, gum print

3. ANGELOCCI, Lacey, untitled, oil on canvas

4. ATCHISON, Allyson, Mortis Finis, ceramic

5. AYRES, James, The Lake / The End, oil on board

6. AYRES, James, untitled, watercolors

7. BARBER, Jessie, Alone, mixed media

8. BARBER, J. / SCHLEITH, K. , A Dream I Had, oils

9. BARNES, Katherine, Pastry Window in Paris, oil on canvas

10. BIANCHI, Anna, untitled, silver gelatin print

11. BIANCHI, Anna, untitled, cyan & brown print

12. BISHOP, Rachel, Diptych Blues, video

13. BISHOP, Rachel, Intimate Distance, video

14. BLACKWELL, Stanley Deon, Salt Chandelier #3, ceramic, salt
*Dali Museum Best in Show Award - $1000.

15. BOTZENHART, Joshua T., Follow, photography

16. CALDWELL, Phillip C. / LOSHIAVO, Mike / CLAY, Chaz, Trojan Horse, mixed media

17. CARSON, Krista, Self Portrait, mixed media

18. CARSON, Krista, untitled, photography

19. CHILDERS, April S., Kill Karen, ink on paper

20. CHILDERS, April S., Camelabra, mixed media
*Judi Patterson Graduate Award - $100.

21. CLEVELAND, Whitney, Memory Box, mixed media

22. CLEVELAND, Whitney, Her Tumor Under Water, mixed media

23. CONKLING, Danielle, Poor Cock Robin, oil on canvas

24. COSTANTINO, Alexander, Tik Tok, ceramic

25. COSTANTINO, Alexander, Hide & Seek, ceramic

26. COULSON, Kelly, untitled diptych, c-print

27. COULSON, Kelly, untitled, c-print

28. CRAWFORD, Denton, Skittles, oil on canvas
*Norma Roth Painting Award - $250.

29. CRAWFORD, Denton, Bill and Dana, oil on canvas

30. CRYDERMAN, Danica, Adaptation, print on mirror

31. CURRY, Derek, Share Your Opinion, mixed media

32. CURRY, Derek, Scratch the Surface, photos, video

33. D’ALESSANDRO, Desiree, Like Son, mixed media
*School of Art & Art History Award - $300.

34. D’ALESSANDRO, Desiree, Unlike Daughter, mixed media

35. DOAN, Danh, untitled, watercolors

36. DOAN, Danh, untitled, watercolors

37. DRAPER, Mark Edward, Stars to Eve, Atoms to Stars, mixed media / wood

38. ELLIS, Erica, untitled, oil, collage on canvas

39. ERWIN, Sean, Durlam Can’t Last Forever, ceramic

40. ERWIN, Sean, Employees Please Wash Hands, ceramic, mixed media, *Norma Roth Ceramics Award - $250.

41. FLANDERS, Rebecca, Goddess # 1, arch. pigment print

42. FRIESE, Matthew, Slayerot - Bringer of Pain, metal, mixed media

43. GARCIA, Catalina, Y Margaret?, color print diptych

44. GARCIA, Patricia, Meg, acrylics

45. GARCIA, Patricia, Mia, acrylics

46. GIBSON, Elizabeth, The Contemporary Alchemic Image, photo, collage

47. GUM, Marlow K., Dorsey 21 Gun Salute, ink on panel

48. HARAGUCHI, Hiroki, That’s my Right Hand, charcoal on paper

49. HARAGUCHI, Hiroki, We Know that the Law is Spiritual, mixed media, *Richard Beckman Memorial Award - $200.

50. HARAGUCHI, H. / FOGLE, C. / RUBEN, untitled (collaboration), charcoal/ink on paper

51. HOFFMAN, Shane, Scene Number 1, mixed media

52. HONG, Younghee, Hidden-Stream, egg tempura

53. HOWARD, Lauren Alyssa, Suburban Ghetto, pencils
* William & Nancy Oliver General Award - $1000.

54. HUNTING, Motoko, Self Portrait w/ Floor, oil on canvas

55. HUNTING, Motoko, Not Like a Sushi Bar, oil on panel

56. KITZEROW, Adam, Paint Sculpture # 6, oil on canvas

57. KITZEROW, Adam, Ceramic Installation, ceramic

58. KOKAY, Bradley, Barbelith, collage, wood

59. KRAL, Vincent, I Remember the Night When I Finally Memorized the Gettysburg Address…, video
*Tready & Thayer Smith Award - $250.

60. LEE, Harry Bentley III, Reaching Out, charcoal on paper

61. LINTON, Heather, Self Portrait as Index, fingerpaint

62. LUTTRULL, Jessica, God Complex, digital photograph

63. MACKAY, Lindsay, Starlet, silver gelatin print

64. MACKAY, Lindsay, Honey, silver gelatin print

65. MACKAY, L. / WEBER, Katie, Red, silver gelatin prints

66. MANTILLA, Daniel, Nostalgia for a Lost Vision, mixed media

67. MIDDLETON, Jamie, A Virgin for All Seasons, mixed media

68. MONAHAN, Melanie, Self Portrait Palette Knife, oil on canvas

69. MYHRE, Elena Vee, Amoeba Eating Popsicles, ceramic / mixed

70. NAZARIO, Marissa, Lust, oil on canvas

71. O’CONNELL, Laura C., untitled, photography

72. O’CONNELL, Laura C., Film Still untitled, photography

73. PALIZA, Jessica, Beshara (from Bedroom Series), photography
*Ferman Motorcars Inc. Photography Award - $750.

74. PALIZA, Jessica, Nosebleed Series, photography

75. PAPKE, Erin, Rocky, mixed media
*Ann McKeel Ross Award - $100.

76. PERALTA, Apolinar, Wild Life, photography

77. RAINEY, Michelle, Celestial Sipping, oil and acrylic on canvas
*Jim Rosenquist Materials Fund - $1000.

78. REEVES, Austin, untitled series, photography

79. REEVES, Austin, untitled series, photography

80. REIMAN, James, Window Watcher # 4, inkjet print

81. REIMAN, James, untitled # 2, ceramic

82. REYNOLDS, Michael, untitled, inkjet print

83. REYNOLDS, Michael, untitled (Player Interview), inkjet print

84. RICHIE, Shannon, Passion, etching

85. RILEY, Alison, Vince with his Guitar, digital print

86. RILEY, Alison, Bryan with Rambo, digital print

87. RUSSELLO, Samantha, untitled 01, photography

88. RUSSELLO, Samantha, untitled 02, photography
*Frame by Frame Award - $100. gift certificate

89. SCALLY, Rosalyn, Rajio Ningyo, watercolors

90. SCHIAVO, Michelle, Orange, photography

91. SCHIAVO, Michelle, Paint It Green, photography

92. SCHLAGBAUM, Matthew, Instant Noodles, polaroids

93. SCHLIETH, Kaileen, Octagar the Musical Sea Monster, mixed media

94. SCHLIETH, Kaileen, This Means War, colored pencil

95. SLAUSON, Ryann, Self Portrait # 5, oil on canvas

96. SMITH, Kyle, The Addresser: A Self Portrait, sculpture

97. STAMP, Felicia, Jacob Series # 1, epson print

98. STAMP, Felicia, Jacob Series # 2, epson print

99. STARR-BOCHICCHIO, Jordan, Cycle, paint installation
*Elite Events Award - $200.

100. STARR-BOCHICCHIO, Jordan, Model Car Set Studies, mixed media

101. STEELMAN, Johnathan P., Oriental Obsoletism, mixed media
*Brian MacElhose “Kick Ass” Award - $200.

102. STEVENS, Bradley, Self Portrait, wood

103. STORK, Anita J., Pilgrimage to Perfection, plaster

104. TENEYCK, Zach, untitled, relief print

105. TENEYCK, Zach, Rap Beef, relief print

106. TERHUNE, Deborah, Bubbling Crude, screenprint

107. VAUGHAN, Jonathan, Installation Drawing # 3, charcoal & pencils

108. VELASQUEZ, Maria, Self Portrait in Wood, wood, mixed media

109. VELASQUEZ, Maria, Of Dreams and Mirages, silver gelatin print

110. VOLLMAR, Scott, Media Blitz, animation

111. WILSON, Lauren, Things in Common, ink on mylar

112. WILSON, Lauren, I Don’t Remember That, ink on mylar
*Institute for Research in Art Studio Award - $100.

113. ZIMMERMAN, Zachary, untitled, mixed media.

Art History Papers

114. D’ALLESANDRO, Desiree, Gee-Wiz, that’s swell – Elements of Camp and Kitsch in Pleasantville

115. DEVITO, Antonette, The Significance of Remembrance

116. HUGHES, Sabrina, Intervista: Fellini Inside and Out
*Lee and Vic Leavengood Art History Award - $150.

117. HUGHES, Sabrina, Wild Divine: Mythological Propaganda and the End of the Roman Civil War

118. KITZEROW, Adam, Video Game Violence and the Power of Imagery

119. MACUMBER, Jennifer, The Carracci and Caricature

120. MORGAN, Ryan, Political Agendas seen through the work of Johann Moritz Rugendas and Thomas Cole
*Institute for Research in Art History Award - $200.

121. PALAZZOLO, Valerie C., Found Objects: The Body as a Duchampion readymade

122. PALAZZOLO, Valerie C., Reemergence: Roman Antiquities in the 15th and 16th centuries