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IRA Staff


Margaret A. Miller
Director (IRA)

Alexa Favata
Deputy Director (IRA)

Randall West
Deputy Director, Business Operations & Strategic Planning (IRA)


Robert Aiosa
Research Associate / Sculpture Fabricator (GS)

Amy Allison
Program Coordinator (CAM)

Shannon Annis
Exhibitions Manager / Registrar (CAM)

Tim Baker
Research Associate / Printer (GS)

Dolores Coe
Curator, Art in Health Program (CAM)

Alyssa Cordero
Events Coordinator (CAM)

Kristin DuFrain
Curator / Registrar (GS)

Peter Foe
Curator of the Collection (CAM)

Mark Fredricks
Communications Specialist (GS)

Don Fuller
New Media Curator (IRA)

Sarah Howard
Curator of Public Art and Social Practice / Research Associate (IRA)

Eric Jonas
Collection Assistant (CAM)

Vincent Kral
Chief Preparator (CAM)

William Lytch
Photographer / Printer / Research Associate (GS)

Anthony Wong Palms
Exhibitions Coordinator / Designer (CAM)

Tom Pruitt
Master Printer / Studio Manager (GS)

Noel Smith
Curator of Latin American and Caribbean Art / Curator of Education / Director of Museum Studies Graduate Certificate (IRA)

Kristin Soderqvist
Director of Sales and Marketing (IRA)

Matt Squires
Production Associate / Digital Specialist / Printer (GS)

Andrea Tamborello
Preparator (CAM)

David Waterman
Chief of Security (CAM)

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