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Student Engagement

Art in Health Programs provide ongoing opportunities for students in hands-on internships, educational programming, a course and in volunteer roles.

“Arts in Health & Medicine: Theory & Practice” is offered to upper level undergraduate and graduate students in collaboration with the USF School of Art and Art History. The course is structured in seminar and practicum/application sessions to provide an introduction for artists to working with the arts in health and community environments and with diverse populations. The course currently is offered during spring semesters.

An internship in the Arts@the Clinic Program provides qualified arts students from the School of Art and Art History the opportunity to learn and work as artist facilitators and practitioners in a structured, studio based arts program within a healthcare environment. The program is conducted on campus in cooperation with the USF Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. For details about the Internship, qualifications and application, see the internship flyer link to the right.

Student Perspectives
"As an artist, working in the Art in Health clinic was inspiring in itself; witnessing clients who were limited in their abilities yet still kept an open mind and attitude was something that pushed me to continue to be positive and excited about art. To work with aphasia patients who are constantly overcoming obstacles has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve been involved in to date."

"I have not only learned a lot about a condition I was unfamiliar with, but I have also gained knowledge about myself and what direction I may want to go in with my future career."

"This experience has been one that offered opportunities that may not have been experienced otherwise. Among the most valuable were the chances to write lesson plans, have firsthand teaching experience and contribute to a truly meaningful program."

"I was challenged, every part of this was a challenge, but in a good way. The type of challenges that help you become a better person at what you’re doing. Challenges that help you grow as an individual to understand yourself and others."

"I got to learn along side individuals who have inspired me to pursue a passion for a career that I hope one day will help a lot of people. I realized that this is what I want to do and hope to continue strengthening my connection with programs like these."

"The internship offered real-world experience in the art field allowing me to work with clients, create tailored lesson plans, observe how art affects the lives and abilities of others, as well as notice and record observable progress."

"The internship project created a space for me to practice what I learned in many of my art and art history courses…. As an artist, the internship allowed me to re-develop my own artistic abilities in a positive, free environment. "