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INSIDE ART - A Family Affair

Kalup Linzy
Queen Rose Family Tree (detail), 2014-2015

The Fall 2015 edition of InsideART focuses on the USFCAM exhibition A Family Affair.

A Family Affair presents seven artists who explore personal identity and family relationships through photography, video, performance and animation: Renee Cox, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Kalup Linzy, Jacolby Satterwhite, Hank Willis Thomas, Corine Vermeulen and Deborah Willis. Adopting a range of approaches from documentary to fiction, they articulate visions of self situated within interpersonal and historical family contexts as well as broader social frameworks of race, class and gender, often working in collaboration with family members to realize their art. During the exhibition Corine Vermeulen will be in residence and undertake a three-month community-based project in collaboration with the University Area Community Development Corporation, photographing residents of the University Area community adjacent to USF in exchange for stories of neighborhood and family life. A Family Affair is curated by Megan Voeller and organized by USFCAM. The exhibition catalogue for A Family Affair is supported by a grant from the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation. Corine Vermeulen’s residency is supported by Caspers Company and Sharmila and Vivek Seth.

Common Core State Standards – In addition to Visual Arts and Social Studies curriculum standards, lessons in the InsideART curriculum cover Common Core standards related to:

  • Reading: Informational Text
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Language
  • Literacy in History/Social Studies


The links on this page allow you to download the index and lesson files of the A Family Affair InsideART.

  • Click ONCE on links to open, or right click (control click) to download
  • Files can be downloaded individually or as a complete archive (.zip) at the bottom of the page.
  • Curriculum and readings are available as both Microsoft Word documents (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf)
  • Presentations are Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)


Deborah Willis and
Hank Willis Thomas 
Sometimes I See Myself In You, 2008


Click ONCE on links to open, or right-click (control-click) to download

A Family Affair Files

Lesson Files Index .pdf (or .doc)

Crosswalk-Overview.doc (.pdf)

1) Introduction & Renee Cox
1A.Introduction_and_Renee_Cox.doc (.pdf)
1C.Family_Snaps_stories.doc (.pdf)

2) Exploring Identity with Kalup Linzy
2A.Exploring_Identity_with_Kalup_Linzy.doc (.pdf)
2C.Appendix_A.doc (.pdf)

3) Rust Belt Realities & LaToya Ruby Frazier
3A.Rust_Belt_Realities_and_LaToya_Ruby_Frazier.doc (.pdf)

4) LaToya Ruby Frazier - What's in your fridge?
4A.LaToya_Ruby_Frazier_What's_in_your_fridge_lesson.doc (.pdf)

5) Deborah Willis & Hank Willis Thomas – Culture & Family
5A.Willis_and_Willis_Thomas_Culture_and_Family_lesson.doc (.pdf)
5C.HO_1_Proverb_activity.doc (.pdf)
5D.TBR_1_Artists_Biographies.doc (.pdf)

6) Picturing Families & Communities – Corine Vermeulen
6A.Picturing_Families_and_Communities_Corine_Vermeulen_lesson.doc (.pdf)
6C.Alvin_D-Town_Farm_2013.doc (.pdf)
6D.DJ_Ray_Oshay_Jit_Happens_at_the_DIA_2014.doc (.pdf)
6E.Elizabeth_D-Town_Farm_2013.doc (.pdf)
6F.Jamaii_Fortress_Studios_2013.doc (.pdf)
6G.Jess_Recycle_Here!_2013.doc (.pdf)
6H.Katie_Fortress_Studios_2013.doc (.pdf)
6I.King_Wayne_East_Side_Riders_2013.doc (.pdf)
6J.LaTiece_D-Town_Farm_2013.doc (.pdf)
6K.Lejit_Jit_Happens_at_the_DIA_2014.doc (.pdf)
6L.Na'Kyah_The_James_and_Grace_Lee_Boggs_School_2014.doc (.pdf)
6M.Nicole_East_Side_Riders_2013.doc (.pdf)
6N.Nova_The_James_and_Grace_Lee_Boggs_School_2014.doc (.pdf)
6O.Oscar_The_James_and_Grace_Lee_Boggs_School_2014.doc (.pdf)
6P.Ron_East_Side_Riders_2013.doc (.pdf)
6Q.Steven_Fortress_Studios_2013.doc (.pdf)
6R.Stringz_Jit_Happens_at_the_DIA_2014.doc (.pdf)
6S.Taylor_and_Desha_Defend_the_DIA_2013.doc (.pdf)
6T.The_Hinterlands_Jit_Happens_at_the_DIA_2014.doc (.pdf)
6U.The_Jitterbugs_Jit_Happens_at_the_DIA_2014.doc (.pdf)
6V.The_Unstoppables_Jit_Happens_at_the_DIA_2014.doc (.pdf)

7) Art Project and Display
7A.Art_Project_and_Display_lesson.doc (.pdf)
7B.Photography_Art_Project_instructions.doc (.pdf)
7C.Photography_Art_Project_Rubric.doc (.pdf)

Download Complete InsideART Fall 2015 Materials
Lessons plus index (.zip - 35 MB)


LaToya Ruby Frazier 
Huxtables, Mom and Me, 2008


Further Resources:

Download the A Family Affair exhibition brochure in pdf format

If you have questions about the lesson plans or about the A Family Affair exhibition email an expert