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Khaled Jarrar Concrete, 2012

The 2013 edition of Inside Art focuses on the USFCAM exhibition SubRosa: The Language of Resistance.

Referencing the ancient practice of hanging a rose to designate covert meetings, the Latin term sub rosa for centuries has denoted secrecy or confidentiality. The seven international artists in this exhibition are among the untold many around the world who contend with environments where censorship—real and threatened—violence and imprisonment are daily realities for those who speak out against the social and political oppression they experience. Together with their compatriots, these artists find ways to live with dignity, honesty and hope for change, and they choose to use their art for activism. Operating often in a sub rosa mode—covert, coded, dissimulated—they find languages for resistance in accomplished and intriguing works that span a range of media and registers, reaching diverse audiences in their own countries and across the world. Artists include Ai Weiwei (China), Ramón Esono Ebalé (Equatorial Guinea), Barbad Golshiri (Iran), Khaled Jarrar (Palestine), Zanele Muholi (South Africa), and José Toirac and Meira Marrero (Cuba).

Common Core State Standards – In addition to Visual Arts and Social Studies curriculum standards, lessons in the InsideArt curriculum cover Common Core standards related to:

  • Reading: Informational Text
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Language
  • Literacy in History/Social Studies

The links on this page allow you to download the index of the SubRosa lesson files.

  • Click ONCE on links to open, or right click (control click) to download
  • Files can be downloaded individually or as a complete archive (.zip) at the bottom of the page.
  • Curriculum and readings are available as both Microsoft Word documents (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf)
  • Presentations are Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)

Khaled Jarrar Concrete, 2012


Click ONCE on links to open, or right-click (control-click) to download

SubRosa Files

Lesson Files Index .pdf (or .doc)

One introductory lesson and 6 modules (3-day lesson plans for each of the artists).

1) Introductory Lesson
1A. Introductory Lesson presentation .ppt
1B. Introductory Lesson SubRosa .pdf (or .doc)
Ancillary Materials:
1C. SubRosa – Quotations by artists .pdf (or .doc)

2) Ai Weiwei
2A. Ai Weiwei and China .ppt
2B. Ai Weiwei Lesson 1 .pdf (or .doc)
2C. Ai Weiwei Artwork Analysis .ppt
2D. Ai Weiwei Lesson 2 .pdf (or .doc)
2E. Ai Weiwei Lesson 3 .pdf (or .doc)
2F. Art Project eval rubric (Ai Weiwei) .pdf (or .doc)
Ancillary Materials:
Little Red Book
- 2G. Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book Group 1 .pdf (or .doc)
- 2H. Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book Group 2 .pdf (or .doc)
- 2I. Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book Group 3 .pdf (or .doc)
- 2J. Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book Group 4 .pdf (or .doc)
- 2K. Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book Group 5 .pdf (or .doc)
2L. Ai Weiwe KWLQH .ppt

3) Toirac and Marrero

3A. Toirac, Marrero, and Cuba .ppt
3B. Toirac and Marrero Lesson 1 .pdf (or .doc)
3C. Toirac and Marrero Artwork Analysis .ppt
3D. Toirac and Marrero Lesson 2 .pdf (or .doc)
3E. Toirac and Marrero Lesson 3 .pdf (or .doc)
3F. Art Project Eval rubric (Toirac and Marrero) .pdf (or .doc)
Ancillary Materials:
3G. Berlin – Moscow – Havana (edited, with questions) .pdf (or .doc)
3H. Icons handout .pdf (or .doc)
3I. Marti quote .ppt

4) Ramon Esono Ebale

4A. Ramon Esono Ebale and Equatorial Guinea .ppt
4B. Ramon Esono Ebale Lesson 1 .pdf (or .doc)
4C. Ramon Esono Ebale Art Analysis .ppt
4D. Ramon Esono Ebale Lesson 2 .pdf (or .doc)
4E. Ramon Esono Ebale Lesson 3 .pdf (or .doc)
4F. Art Project Eval Rubric Ramon Esono Ebale .pdf (or .doc)
Ancillary Materials:
4G. Caricature .ppt

5) Barbad Golshiri

5A. Barbad Golshiri & Iran .ppt
5B. Barbad Golshiri Lesson 1 .pdf (or .doc)
5C. Barbad Golshiri Art Analysis .ppt
5D. Barbad Golshiri Lesson 2 .pdf (or .doc)
5E. Barbad Golshiri Lesson 3 .pdf (or .doc)
5F. Art Project Eval rubric (Barbad Golshiri) .pdf (or .doc)

6) Khaled Jarrar

6A. Khaled Jarrar and Palestine .ppt
6B. Khaled Jarrar Lesson 1 .pdf (or .doc)
6C. Khaled Jarrar Art Analysis .ppt
6D. Khaled Jarrar Lesson 2 .pdf (or .doc)
6E. Khaled Jarrar Lesson 3 .pdf (or .doc)
6F. Art Project eval Rubric (Khaled Jarrar) .pdf (or .doc)
Ancillary Materials:
6G. Guided Imagery al-Nakba, 1948 .pdf (or .doc)

7) Zanele Muholi

7A. Zanele Muholi and South Africa .ppt
7B. Zanele Muholi Lesson 1 .pdf (or .doc)
7C. Zanele Muholi Art Analysis .ppt
7D. Zanele Muholi Lesson 2 .pdf (or .doc)
7E. Zanele Muholi Lesson 3 .pdf (or .doc)
7F. Art Project Eval rubric (Zanele Muholi) .pdf (or .doc)
Ancillary Materials:
7G. Self-Portraits in Art .ppt
7H. Segregation .ppt

Download Complete Inside Art 2013 Materials
Lessons plus index (.zip - 111MB)

Mark Dion Uniforms


Further Resources:

USFCAM SubRosa: The Language of Resistance exhibition website (exhibition brochure PDF with essays, photographs of works, and complete exhibition checklist)

If you have questions about the lesson plans or about the SubRosa exhibition email an expert