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INSIDE ART - Carlos Garaicoa

Carlos Garicoa

The 2010 edition of InsideART focuses on the USFCAM exhibition Carlos Garaicoa: La enmienda que hay en mí (Making Amends). Inspired by the architecture and culture of his native Havana, Cuba, Garaicoa explores issues relevant to contemporary society including urbanism, politics, history and human rights. He incorporates drawing, photography, sculpture and text in dramatic, large-scale installations as well as precious miniatures.

Common Core State Standards – In addition to Visual Arts and Social Studies curriculum standards, lessons in the InsideART curriculum cover Common Core standards related to:

  • Reading: Informational Text
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Language
  • Literacy in History/Social Studies

The links on this page allow you to download the index of the Carlos Garaicoa lesson files and six complete lessons.

  • Click ONCE on links to open, or right click (control click) to download
  • Files can be downloaded individually or as a complete lesson (.zip)
  • Lesson plans and readings are available as both Microsoft Word documents (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf)
  • Images are jpegs (.jpg)
  • Presentations are Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)

Carlos Garaicoa, Chile's National Stadium


Click ONCE on links to open, or right-click (control-click) to download

Carlos Garaicoa Files

Download Lesson Files Index (.doc or .pdf)

Lesson 1: "The Artist and His Era"
1.1 - Lesson Plan (.doc or .pdf)
1.2 - Power Point (.ppt)
1.3 - Activity Timeline (.jpg)
1.4 - Reading (.doc or .pdf)
Download Complete Materials for Lesson 1 (.zip - 5.1MB)

Lesson 2: "Meet Carlos Garaicoa"
2.1 - Lesson Plan (.doc or .pdf)
2.2 - Bio Concept Map (.jpg)
2.3 - Carlos Garaicoa Bio (.doc or .pdf)
2.4 - Saving Time (.jpg)
Download Complete Materials for Lesson 2 (.zip - 1.6MB)

Lesson 3: "Social Change and Reconstruction of the Past"
3.1 - Lesson Plan (.doc or .pdf)
3.2 - Utopia Concept Map (.doc or .pdf)
3.3 - WebQuest directions (.doc or .pdf)
3.4 - Immigration Issues (.doc or .pdf)
3.5 - Political Cartoon (.jpg)
3.6 - Troubled Waters (.pdf)
3.7 - De por vida... (.jpg)
Download Complete Materials for Lesson 3 (.zip - 3.1MB)

Lesson 4: "Exploring Politics in Art"
4.1 - Lesson Plan (.doc or .pdf)
4.2 - Carlos Garaicoa on the Crown Jewels (.pdf)
4.3 - The Crown Jewels (.pdf)
4.4 - Pentagon (.pdf)
4.5 - Chile's National Stadium (.pdf)
4.6 - KGB (.pdf)
Download Complete Materials for Lesson 4 (.zip - 1.5MB)

Lesson 5: "The Role of Urbanism in Art and Society"
5.1 - Lesson Plan (.doc or .pdf)
5.2 - Photo Essay (.ppt)
5.3 - Para Transformar (.ppt)
5.4 - tchart (.pdf)
Download Complete Materials for Lesson 5 (.zip - 2.4MB)

Lesson 6: "Creating Your Own Artwork"
6.1 - Lesson Plan (.doc or .pdf)
6.2 - Art Project Rubric (.doc or .pdf)
6.3 - Everyday Art (.ppt)
6.4 - Permission Slip Form (.doc or .pdf)
Download Complete Materials for Lesson 6 (.zip - 1.7MB)

Download Complete InsideART 2010 Materials
Lessons 1-6 plus index (.zip - 15.8MB)

Lillebit Fadraga of Carlos Gaiacoa Studio installing exhibition in USFCAM


Further Resources:

Carlos Garaicoa Bio (.doc or .pdf)

Carlos Garaicoa's website (current bibliography, CV, exhibtions and projects)

If you have questions about the lesson plans or about Carlos Garaicoa Email an Expert